01. The Beige Channel - This Train Is Out Of Service
Recorded on a stalled subway car in New York City, Spring 2001.

02. Murmer - Escalator At Pimlico Station
The squeaking handrail of an escalator in the London Underground, recorded in January, 1999. The sound was audible from the street and echoed throughout the station.

03. Steve Barsotti - Werner
Man shoveling debris: Lerner Building, Chicago, Illinois, 1993.

04. Marc McNulty - Gamelan Fire Escape
Recorded 9/12/01, Rochester, New York with a Sharp 722 MD recorder and a Sound Pro single point T stereo microphone.

05. Phillip Pietruschka - Passage
9/25/01, early afternoon, cold, between periodic showers. In the Yarra river, next to abandoned power station, near Westgate bridge. recorded with a DPA-8010 (hydrophone) onto a Tascam DA-P1 monophonic.

06. Saw Trigge - Chance Meeting Of A Fly And A Microphone...
Dedicated to U-Chyan(1994-2001). Recorded late afternoon, late Summer, Banke, Sapporo, Japan 2001. Mono Recording using boom mounted Sennheiser MKH-20(in zeppelin) with Tascam DA-P1 Portadat. I first discovered this site through a death in the family. U-Chyan the rabbit passed on and was cremated in the Buddhist fashion at a pet crematorium near here in the foothills surrounding Sapporo. Whilst we awaited for his reduction to ashes I noticed the superabundance of insect life surrounding the site and determined to return and capture some of the intricate sound tapestry enveloping us. I expect I will return again next year by which time some of U-Chyans' carbon will have been incorporated into the exoskeletons of the current generation insect musicians.

07. Richard Lerman - Auschwitz [MP3 - 5 MB]
Auschwitz, November 18, 1999 was recorded while offering a performance at the 1999 Audio Art Festival in Krakow. The recording, made on a cold rainy day gathered audio mostly from the fences still standing at the site. I used a Walkman recorder and piezo disks.

08. Yannick Dauby - Les Quatre Chemins
Alpes-Maritimes, France. An almost silent moment, in the end of the morning, very nice weather. Some pinecones are crackling under the sun heat. The microphone is very close to the branches. Human rural activities in the background.

09. Jarra - Surat Thani
The track is recorded with a MD recorder, and two piezo microphones, which I connected thus. One is heard on the left channel, and the other on the right channel. I attached the mics on a wooden pier in a river in Surat Thani in Thailand. You hear water sofly beating against the pier, boats on the background.

10. Mark Griswold - Elephant Seals
Elephant Seal breeding ground. Recorded at Ano Nuevo, California.

11. Chris Knapp - Nezu Garden, Aoyama, Tokyo
Recorded in the garden outside the Nezu Institute of Fine Arts in Aoyama, Tokyo. A Sharp MD recorder placed near a deer scare, off a stone path and below a tea house...

12. Marcelo Radulovich - Rehearsal at St. Francis College, San Josť, Costa Rica
Recorded May, 2001, early afternoon.

13. Rod Stasick - [S]curry
This was recorded at Gabriel's Wharf on the South Bank in London.

14. Christopher Delaurenti - DFW
Recorded on February 28, 2001 with a Tascam DA-P1 DAT deck and a pair of Audio Technica Pro 37-R microphones. DFW is the FAA acronym for Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport.

15. Marcos Fernandes - Djemaa El Fna, Marakech, Morocco [MP3 - 3.7 MB]
My walk through the Djemaa El Fna open market. Recorded on DAT. (excerpt)

16. Doug Haire - Kumbha Mela At Sundown, Allahbad, Northern India
This recording was made during the Kumbha Mela in Allahabad, India in January 2001. 45 million Hindu made the pilgrimage to the banks of the ganges river at this highly auspicious site. What we are hearing is a typical evening ambiance in this temporary city. The night is cold and shrouded in fog and wood smoke. As I move down nameless streets the air is saturated with PA systems from countless camps. Colored lights and wood fires light the way. A sense of peace floats over this chaos.