01. Murmer - 38,000 For Madrid
Recorded at Whitehart Lane football stadium, North London, on the 14th of March 2004, at the start of a match between Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United. Just before kickoff, it was announced that there would be a moment of silence observed for the victims of the Madrid train bombing of the 11th of March. This minute of 'silence' is the true focus of this recording, as the tension and energy of 38,000 people keeping quiet still makes me hold my breath, and the release of the crowd at the blow of the whistle still makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck...

02. Steve Barsotti - Fremont Bridge

03. John Kannenberg - Degrading Ferry Horn, Staten Island Ferry
Recorded to Minidisc with a Sony ECM-MS907 stereo mic during a rain storm on board the Staten Island Ferry, July 18, 2003.

04. Josh Russell - Wall Mounted Gas Heater Overheating And Shutting Down

05. Heribert Friedl - Radiator
Radiator was made during an illness. I could not sleep the whole night. It was pure silence outside, only the sound of the radiator was creating its own "conceptual" soundscape. After listening, consequently I decided to put a contact microphone on the radiator. I turned on my DAT recorder and after a while I fell asleep. Next day my physical condition was better - and I was impressed by the result.

06. Frederic Yarm - Bottle Neck Traffic
Drizzle and street traffic as heard through a pair of Poland Spring water bottles that each contained one microphone.

07. Mathieu Ruhlmann - Water Pipe Pond Drone
The track was recorded on April 28 at 8:45 p.m. in Kitsalano, British Columbia. After completing a soundwalk with Hildegard Westerkamp, I came across this location which is in a park located behind the Vancouver Planetarium. The space attracted me by its mixture as a natural environmental space and the incursion of this artificial object, this large pipe, in the space. As I placed my microphone in this pipe a surfacing drone became quite pronounced. The drone would shift with the smallest disruption in this location. Even, from quite a distance away. It was quite enveloping to each source. On the track you can hear this slow evolving drone underneath the waterfall and various other incorporations to the landscape, such as ducks searching for food in the pond, to planes, birds in a nearby tree, and people strolling by. This track had no alternations or added processing to it. For the recording I used an Audio Technica 822 Mic and a Sony MZ-R30 MD.

08. Marcos Fernandes - Cracks
Street crew sand-blasting and sealing cracks in the asphalt. Recorded in front of my house one summer day in 2004 using Sony products.

09. Perri Lynch - Walking Through Eyebeam
This recording was made at the Eyebeam Gallery in NYC, during the Arts Electronica show.

10. Scott Taylor - Boat Commentary
Recorded on a tourist boat on the River Seine, Paris, by placing the supplied handsets over each ear and choosing a language while wearing binaural microphones.

11. Chris Knapp - Kichijoji

12. The Beige Channel - Train From Guangzhou To Hong Kong
Recorded in April of 2004.

13. Anders Ostberg - Medium Wave 1
Captured on a Profi-Sound worldband reciever, Winter 2003.

14. brekekekekoaxkoax - Magyar Rakevet Tatyamee
The title is Hebrew and means "Hungarian Train Underground" and is of the subway in Budapest recorded in 1994.

15. Steve Polta - Oakland (5)
Recorded with Radio Shack stereo mics direct to MiniDisc and with the exception of the fade in/fade out, there wasn't any post-processing used at all.