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phonographers: D

Yannick Dauby
Yannick was born in 1974, in Alpes-Maritimes, France. he currently lives and works near Alps mountains and Mediterranean sea. his activities are related to :
* composition (musique concrete - acousmatic situations - collaborative works)
* phonography (field recordings - experiments - diffusion)
* improvisation (using found objects - electroacoustic and computer systems - sessions including dancers, video artists)
* audio experiments (distant and cooperative contexts - network & radio - generative/interactive processes)
* pedagogy (participation in several workshop - sound assistant from 1999 to 2003 in an art school audio department)

selected projects related to phonography :
* Low Valley (field recording - processing and editing - improvisation using natural found objects and computer system)
* Noophonie (an onirical sound journey - phonographies melted with electronic textures)
* Eolamen (a flashback travel using sounds and objects gathered in India)
* Keoladeo (a soundscape suite from India)
* several works for compilations (Formless Walking, Bruissements, Drosera Pygmaea, ...)
* participations in phonography.org projects
* collaborative works with Michael Northam (in a duet called 'Entrelacs'), Christophe havard, Alio Die, Thomas Koener, ...

***contact, references, projects and other infos : www.kalerne.net***

Christopher DeLaurenti
"My field recordings try to capture unusual and perhaps dangerous urban sonic spaces and situations. The resulting pieces embody my quest for the musical confluence of everyday speech, noise, and environmental sound."

Chris DeLaurenti: N30:
Live at the WTO Protest November 30, 1999

Website: www.delaurenti.net
Email: chris@delaurenti.net

John Levack Drever (Edinburgh, 1973)
Drever has created audio works for concert hall, radio, catwalk, classroom, devised theatre, animation, internet, dance, visual arts galleries and installation as site-specific works. Collaboration has been fundamental in the approach and realisation of much of his work - collaborators include the poets Alaric Sumner, Alice Oswald and Tony Lopez. He is a member of Blind Ditch, company-in-residence at Dartington College of Arts.

He has a particular fascination in listening to and collecting environmental sounds as a starting point to making sonic art. In October 2001 he was awarded a PhD from Dartington College of Arts for a programme of study titled 'Phonographies: Practical and Theoretical Explorations into Composing with Disembodied Sound' and is a co-founder and director of the UK and Ireland Soundscape Community (affiliated to the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology). In February 2001, he chaired Sound Practice: the 1st UKISC Conference on sound, culture and environments at Dartington.

Drever's work has twice been awarded prizes in the annual Musica Nova competition, Prague. Commissions include Groupe de Recherches Musicales, Staffordshire County Council, Mousonturm, South West Arts and RSPB. He has performed his work at many major international festivals including performances in Granada, Chicago, Sheffield, Beijing, Paris, Prague, Florida, Belfast, Havana and Glasgow.

>From September 2003 he will be lecturing in composition at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

"Phonographies: Glasgow, Frankfurt, Exeter"
2003 Soundmarked SM03-01CD
"Sounding Dartmoor" 2002 Liquid Press & Spacex Gallery

Website: http://www.sounding.org.uk/
Email: info@soundmarked.com

Andrew Duke
Andrew Duke has always been fascinated by sound and music; since 1981 he's been writing about it; since 1987, he's been DJing, remixing, producing, recording, releasing, and performing.

The Wire (UK): "Andrew Duke creates electronic music that sounds like it has a reason for living." Jockey Slut (UK): "Most of Andrew Duke's music is largely composed from 'found sound'. Seems he can't turn off his sensors, no matter where he is--'a train went by last night and we got some really nice sounds out of that. That's the way I work--fluorescent lights, fridges, whatever makes sound.'" Nightwaves (Canada): "I enjoy the sounds of the world--from dogs barking and cats meowing to cars passing and trains travelling and refrigerators humming and people talking and the sounds of nature: thunder, rain, and so on. I think we take for granted the wonderful sounds that surround us as we go about our daily lives. People and the world itself make music without even trying--just by being in a state of existence."

Take Nothing For Granted (Acid Fake, Macedonia)
Consumer Versus User (Phthalo, USA)
We Owe Roland (pHinnMilk, Finland)
Second Opinion (TV5, Norway)
Highest Common Denominator (Piehead, Canada)
More Destructive Than Organized (Bake/Staalplaat, The Netherlands)
74'02 (split album with Hypo) (Tsunami Addiction, France)
Physical and Mental Health (Dial, USA)
Sprung (Bip-Hop, France)
2001: Sit/Stand: Live Humidity
1996: Ginga
1995: Numeric
1994: Ashes and Ceremony
1993: Drowning In Oxygen and Communion (all Cognition Audioworks)

Website: http://techno.ca/cognition
Email: cognition@techno.ca