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phonographers: K

Meri von KleinSmid
In addition to her work in phonography, Meri von KleinSmid is a composer and sound-artist. Classically trained and educated in Western music and ethnomusicology, her primary aim is to create work that challenges the listener psychologically. Her work has been described as stunning, sparse, frightening and uniquely expansive.

(2001 American Archive Recordings)
Have a Spinach Salad... (1986/2001 Latibulum)
Searching for the Inverse Square (with Alex Keller) (2003 Mimeograph)
Ex Vivo (2005 Mimeograph)

Website: merivonkleinsmid.net
Email: merivk@canada.com

My work is split into two parts: Much of the work I record under my given name ('k.m.krebs') is abstract ambient music, heavily based on phonography. I also do work under the moniker of '833-45' -- this project, while being fairly percussion-oriented, relies heavily on recordings captured from shortwave & HF radio signals (electro-magnetic phonography, if you will). I have many releases under this alias, most at NoType.com.

CDR - currently self-released, possible release in near future.
'The light will fill the darkness and obliterate it' CDR upcoming on Mystery Sea.
'The Seed Project' with Heath Yonaites, self-released.

Website: http://www.833-45.net/
Email: kkrebs@833-45.net