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phonographers: V

Rinus van Alebeek (Netherlands, 1956)
Recordings are made with a walkman and an exterior microphone. Sounds are encountered in cities or in nature. For my unwittnessed performances I use found objects, fragments of texts and microphonescratching.

Composing is done with a 4trackrecorder. I select fragments and put them together in short 'songs'. When a site recording provided its own narrative, I will use this recording without further interference.

Concerts will last 25 to 32 minutes. I use the fourtrackrecorder, a walkman and another walkman that is connected to an effectpedal. Normally I prepair the first minutes of the performance. After that I improvise continuously; I change cassettes every moment and react to this changes, controlling the volume of each track on the mixer. When there is time to do so, I will include recordings made in and around the venue.

Activities, releases, downloads: http://emc.yserv.com/103
Reports, travelogues, 50 euro please:
The no-budget Foundation http://no-bf.blogspot.com
Email: rinus@sicilia.nl

Ven Voisey
oakland, usa. Urban spaces reconstituted : the recording process as a vicious cycle : language of nothing expresses everything : stop beating that dead horse.

v.v./a.c. : "plastic memory value"
analyze - compare - destroy old codes - process - invert - update - project. www.throat.org/t0003.html
v.v. : "iot - 8L" a meditation on the effects of space/environment on an individual and vice versa. . www.throat.org/t0006.html

Website: http://throat.org/vv/
Email: ven@v---v.net