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phonographers: T

The audio work that i investigate has nothing to do with music, and is not concerned with any musical philosophy - i am only concerned with the organization of sound as a way of applying the communication between myself and the aural world around me -

tac cdr :

* sound reckoning taccdr-001 (1999)
* micro-sonic - taccdr-002 (1999)
* spatialized - taccdr-003 (2000)
* occurrences - taccdr-004 (2000)
tac - out of context - cd (pure - rrrecords) ( 1997 )
tac - scatter of doubt (generator sound art) (2001)

Website: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Studios/4516/
Email: tomkarma@comcast.net

Mark Taylor-Canfield
Mark Taylor-Canfield is an experimental composer and field recordist from Seattle. He was honored in 1995 and 1996 by the International Institute For Electro-Acoustic Music in France for his musique concrete at in international festival in Bourges. Mark spent some time at the University of Washington Computer Music Center in 1998 during an internship with Richard Karpen. Mark's work has appeared on several compilations, as well as on the Lucid and After The Flood CD's. He is a member of the Sonicabal and has a piece on their first CD release. Mark is also a member of the board of directors for the Northwest CyberArtists.

Mark Taylor-Canfield: "Shadow Dance Carnival"
Mark Taylor-Canfield: "New Babylon"

Email: mtc2000_usa@yahoo.com

bill thompson
bill thompson is a composer/performer out of austin, tx. currently living in aberdeen scotland. much of his music involves the transformation of field recordings either at the computer, or in real time via live electronics. in addition to field recordings, he formed and performed with the electro-acoustic ensemble Gates and hosted (with thomfaricraw) a concert series entitled The Loft Series that focuses on experimental music. he was also a founding member and active within the new music coop of austin (which has performed such works as cardew's treatise, riley's in c, and oliveros's 4 meditations, and 24 works of the new york school.) he has been released on phonography's compilation 'compositions using field recordings 2', framework, throat.org and at aaron ximm's field effects concert series. he performs regularly in scotland and surrounding areas. additionally, he ran the cdr labels ecolirecords and spectral house. releases include mu, quartet for cell phone, five improvisations on the destruction of opera, 21 one minute pieces, homage to the new york school, to el paso and back, V (five), guerilla improvisations, and live solo works.

Website: http://www.billthompson.org
Email: billthompson@billthompson.org

cÚdric peyronnet ~ toy.bizarre
In june 1985, I decided to work under the name of toy.bizarre, while my best friend and I were recording crickets singing in a pit along a small countryside road, in the sunset. His father's old tape recorder was in fact so bad that we were just able to hear a small frequency part of the hypnotic insects rhythm between the clouds of hiss. Back at home, I decided to go on recording, put on tape, every little sound of my environment, of the sonic world I was surrounded by. I still do it.

My actual work is focused on "places", its characteristics and its sound components. so the goal of all my sound compositions is to explore a place : it could be a chain of mountains, a square meter of grass, a beach, a marshalling yard, an hydroelectric powerstation. Each time the process is the same : recording all the typical sounds of the place (well, for me), then to compose sound pieces only with these sounds, through a sound sculpture process.

So we can say that each one of these pieces is the sonic reflection of the place...


Website: http://www.ingeos.org/
Email: toy.bizarre@kaon.org - infos@ingeos.org