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phonographers: F

Marcos Fernandes
Marcos Fernandes is a percussionist/improvisor/phonographer who currently resides in San Diego, California where he runs the artist-based label Accretions. He is a member of the Trummerflora Collective with whom he often performs. He has been making field recordings ever since he got his first Sony tape recorder as a child in Yokohama, Japan where he grew up (or did he?).

Marcos Fernandes: "Hybrid Vigor"

Marcelo Radulovich/Marcos Fernandes: "The Whisper Chipper"

Websites: www.accretions.com - www.trummerflora.com
Email: sounds@accretions.com

Daniel Fournier
Founder and Tonmeister of the Digital Archives NetworkĘ [DAN]. Free-lance Producer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Member of the Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group [AudioWings].

Daniel Fournier: "Wetlandmarks"
Distributed by Madcap Records A200101D
The material used to concoct the sound stage of Wetlandmarks originated from the digital audio recordings made in the 55 Australian locations, with particular reference to the Lakefield National Park in North Queensland, the Rockhampton Zoo and the Toodoon Botanic Gardens, near Gladstone.

Website: http://www.cparis.org/
Email: dan@cparis.org

Heribert Friedl
heribert is a fine artist and musician. studied sculpture at the university of applied arts in vienna. exhibitions and concerts/soundperformances since 12 years. lives and works in vienna.

Website: http://www.nonvisualobjects.com
Email: friedl@nonvisualobjects.com