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phonographers: R

Marcelo Radulovich
[ phonography.org curator / list moderator ]

Sound has always been important to me...ear perker, eyebrow raiser. The synchronicities and "chance" rhythms, the microtonal melodies all around us are a major influence on how I interact with the environment, on how I make art. In phonographies I find multiple windows. Very clear and clean. Great transports. I use them in compositions, or they use me as arranger. Sometimes treated, sometimes bare.

Marcelo Radulovich: "Miel"
2003 Produced at Titicacaman Studios (available as a 3" CDR - to order: contact )
Marcelo Radulovich: "917" 2002 Produced at Titicacaman Studios (available as a 3" CDR)
Marcelo Radulovich: "Hello" 2002 Produced at Titicacaman Studios, released by Accretions Records.
Marcelo Radulovich: "(case of the missing) THUMB" 2001 Produced at Titicacaman Studios, released by Accretions Records.
Marcelo Radulovich/Marcos Fernandes: "The Whisper Chipper" 2000 Produced at Titicacaman Studios, released by Accretions Records.
Marcelo Radulovich: "2 Brains" 1999 Released by Accretions Records.
Marcelo Radulovich: "To Lilliput & Back volume one" 1996 Released by Accretions Records.

Websites: http://www.marceloradulovich.com/ - http://www.titicacaman.com/
Email: m@marceloradulovich.com

Jean-Philippe Renoult
Jean-Philippe Renoult is a sound artist, radio producer, writer and music journalist based in Paris. His work focuses on field recordings and electroacoustical transformation of environmental sounds. He is the co-founder of Radio 1001
Resonnance FM / Radia network "Deep Down and Under" sound piece you can hear there.

Website: http://www.jeanphilipperenoult.com
Email: jpr.renoult@laposte.net

Rihmasto is an earth-friendly, experimental, ambient project from Finland. We use location recordings as an instrument in our music, but also as an inspiration source. We also try to create new locations and soundscapes with prerecorded, computer generated or otherwise manipulated sound elements.

Check www.rihmasto.com to get more information about our project and our releases. There are several hours of MP3 material and also information about forthcoming gigs.

Website: www.rihmasto.com
Email: jukka.andersson@rihmasto.com

Edward Ruchalski
The source material for most of my music consists of environmental recordings made from my back porch, family events captured on video and studio recordings of homemade instruments.

Edward Ruchalski: "Moveable Sites"
(Humbug 011 CD-R)
E-mail: tchartan@online.no
Edward Ruchalski: "Radio Journal" (featuring Matt Broad on zither and the poet, Michael Burkard)

Website: http://www.geocities.com/rchlsk/ed.html
Email: rchlsk@aol.com