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Yuko Nexus6
Sound artist with Max/MSP & any kind of junks

Yuko Nexus6: "Neko-san KILL! KILL!"
1999 distributed by Kaeru Cafe in Japan & Sonore records in Europe.
Yuko Nexus6: "Bit Diary" 1998 (out of print)

Website: http://www02.so-net.ne.jp/%7Enexus6/index_e.html
Email: nexus6@ca2.so-net.ne.jp

Nobler Bees - Projects
3:14 to 3:44 PM GMT, 29 September 2001 (Produced by Michael John Martinez)
This is an experiment in simultaneity. Artists from around the world made audio field recordings during a specific and predetermined time-frame. All recordings were culturally and thematically unrelated. The only common thread among the sounds was the time-frame in which they occurred throughout the world. That is, despite differences in local times, all eight recordings were performed simultaneously (at the same global time).This CD presents a mix of these recordings -- sounds which were separated by great distances are brought together.

All recordings were made in an unobtrusive manner. That is, the recorded sounds would have occurred had the artist not been there to record them. If people were involved, the microphone was disguised. Recordings ranged anywhere from the environment and industry to radio and television. Each individual artist was responsible for the manner and location of his or her own recording. MORE

Website: http://www.noblerbees.com/
Email: noblerbees@yahoo.com

Michael Northam
Born 1970 in Murray, Utah. Michael Northam (aka mnortham) has had from childhood, an intimate and direct sense of land, of weather and of places. These formative experiences are the seeds from which all his work grows.

His artistic trajectory has been a gradual process extending from early actionistic performances that explored what makes 'an environment' alive with intention, to current 'sound actions', field recordings explorations and compost(itions). In 1990 Northam spent a year living in Europe, beginning a new process of cross pollination between his rural experiences in north America and the urban cultural centers in Europe. Further extended stays in Europe have provided his work a crucial balance between inner and outer activities. Northam explores the avenue of direct electroacoustic improvisation, solo and with a variety of collaborators. His many 'sound actions' have taken place throughout Europe and North America.

His first published CD ('an opening of the earth' with Martin Franklin, 1993 SDV) already carried marks of enigmatic tension - a tense film suspended between disturbance and fascination - an awkwardness and a confrontation with the absurd, with time, with our shared human predicament. Since then he has consistently produced works that give an opportunity for the listeners to challenge and examine themselves--exploring ideas of place ('stomach of the sky'), qualities of weather (':coyot:'), and perceptions of microscopic worlds ('from within a solar cave'). Similar such ideas have formed the basis of his installations such as 'entering molecular streams' (observatori festival, Valencia, Spain 2000) and 'circulating phases' (klangturm, St. Pvlten, Austria 2001).

"my work has grown from a ten year evolution of activities focused on the discovery, observation and experience of unique organically and inorganically driven sound phenomena. i work to expand the compositional implications of these complex but simply generated sources while being sensitive to the sound materials' energistic qualities and potentials . the discoveries are later woven and worked intuitively to create non referential sound works that test and exercise aural and temporal perception--discovering ways to suspend time and enfold sound."

from within the solar cave
cd : absurd, athens, greece (01)
belle confusion 0247 cd : .absolute., seattle, washington, usa (00) collaboration with francisco lopez (es)
:coyot: cd : erewhon, liige, belgium (00)
breathing towers cdep : dorobo, victoria, australia (00)
ora amalgam 2xlp : editions, atlanta, georgia, usa (99) collaboration with darren tate (uk) and colin potter (uk)
many rivers move along the surface of the magnet lp re-issue : e.r.s., amsterdam, the netherlands (99)
the absurd evidence cd : orogenetics/bobby j, austin, tx, usa (98) collaboration with john grzinich (us)
geosynclines cd : flenix, tokyo, japan (98) collaborative work with josh ronsen (us), koji tano (jp) and giudo h|bner (fr/de)
the stomach of the sky cd : staalplaat, amsterdam, netherlands (97) collaborative work with john grzinich (us)
erg the heuristic dialogues 2 x c60 : orogenetics, austin, tx (97) collaborations work with john grzinich (us), johannes dimpfelmeier (it), the oval language (de), co caspar (de), das synthetische mischgewebe (fr/de)
condensation ep : povertech, sacramento, ca, usa (96)
an opening of the earth cd : sdv tontrdger d|sseldorf, germany (93) collaborative work with martin franklin (uk)
ground c45 : s.f.c.r., bordeaux, france (93)
another object c45 : self-released (91)

Website: http://preg.org/%7Emnortham/
Email: mnortham@preg.org