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phonographers: W

Jonathan Way
Recording primarily under the name Subalpine, using field recordings in addition to processed acoustic recordings and electronic tones. Currently editing a series of field recordings, 'South Fork Mill', from a mountainous region of northeastern Washington state recorded over the course of a year. With the recordings to be left unprocessed but freely edited, themes of landscape and season will remain central while the approach to recording focuses on up-close textures (snow, brush, etc) as well, aiming more to create sound-sketches of the excursions than to document.

Website: http://www.leaftone.com/
Email: subalpine@leaftone.com

when i know you will too
lives in austin tx, works mostly with field recordings, stretching, manipulating, processing.

Email: nthscales@hotmail.com

Neil Wiernik
Neil Wiernik (b.1967, Mtl, Can.) is an audio contortionist, radiophonic engager and digital medium specialist presently living and working in Toronto. He has presented his work across Canada, the United States and Europe. Neil's work is concerned with various types of story-telling using the art of "phonography" for expression of these recorded ideas. He some times uses preexisting or self-developed radio frequencies for diffusion of these projects but almost always uses sounds that are found in his acoustic environment. Some of his recent works have been presented at the Finland Contemporary Museum, ISEA, Subtile Technologies Conference, The Medusa Complex and Gallery Optica.

Website: www.meduse.org/avatar/avatar/projets/wiernik_neil/index.html
Email: neil@techno.ca

Shawn P. Wilbur
As the Heliograph Group, a division of Libertatia Laboratories, Shawn P. Wilbur makes music using a variety of phonographic sources (among other things).

Heliograph2000, "Still Lives, Beautiful Scenes, and Redevelopmental Ambience from the Archives of H2000"
(CDR + HTML-based multimedia disc) Libertatia Recordings, 2000
An attempt to capture some of the changes in ambience in a small city undergoing downtown redevelopment as they were occuring, using actual field recordings, atmospheric soundscapes and Quicktime videos of the downtown area.
Heliograph Sound Docs / Helio0, "Summer Twilights" (2CDR) Libertatia Recordings, 2001
The Heliograph Sound Docs recording, "Summer Twilight Like the End of the World,"documents the normal sounds of late summer at dusk. Cicadas, crickets, and crows chorus through several tracks, along with the sounds of fountains, air conditioners, and aircraft passing overhead. A week of nightly soundwalks led to the helio_ tracks on the second disc, "Into the Trees with the Insect Machines." Composed by combining tiny bits of audio from the HSD recordings, the insect choruses and background noises explore a world where the bugs are wilder, and sometimes bigger, the machines frequently malfunction, and there is nary a human sound to be heard.

Website: Libertatia Laboratories
Email: swilbur@wcnet.org

James Wyness
James Wyness is a composer and sound artist living in rural Southern Scotland. He came to an appreciation of deep listening through studying yoga and meditation and is fascinated by the wealth of creativity displayed by contemporary practitioners of sonic art. His own interests includes electroacoustic music, Just Intonation, multi-channel diffusion, field recording and studying the work and methods of other artists. His own work is performed and presented throughout the UK, Europe and North and South America. Details, including CD releases, can be had at www.jameswyness.org. He often dreams of owning lots of fancy equipment. Until then, OKMs and a minidisc will have to do.

Website: www.jameswyness.org
Email: unsork@tiscali.co.uk