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I make recordings under the name omnid. My real name is Albert Casais. I've been active in the "field" of recording (pun intended...) for the past twelve years or so. I began my recording career under the name Omayyad Zoam and had several releases on cassette on my own Jill*Off label(1991-1996) as well as compilation appearances on several other labels. I stopped the label in 1996 and continued recording for my own personal enjoyment but not releasing anything. I am now ready to let the world hear what I've been up to. I will have a cd-r coming out on my own label Shadow Puppet. I don't have a website right now (but soon will). If anyone wants to reach me I can be found lurking on the Phonographers yahoo list or by email at: omnid@optonline.net.

Email: omnid@optonline.net

Ben Owen
Ben Owen works with projected slide film manipulations and experimental electro-acoustic sound composition. His collaborations can be found with Ting Ting Jahe, tiptip and radio broadcast transmission works with free103point9 and broadcastatic.

The theme's of organic instability and decay were first imployed with the processes of stone lithography printmaking. He has continued to work with these theme's in sound and composition, allowing source material of field recordings taken from everyday phonomena to be listened to simply as they are, in extended duration's, or filtered through digital synthesis and arrangements.

Work featured on :
60" Somewhere / 60" Somewhere Else - various
( throat )
usa/usb - various ( shadow puppet recording company )
phonography.org - compositions using field recordings vol 1 ( phonography.org )
phonography.org 4 ( phonography.org )
hallway 167 norman ave - 30 minute recording of mah-jong ( SR )
p08 - field recording mix, drawing from gill arno. ( SR )

Website: www.broadcastatic.com/benowen - www.seasonalbk.net/_addenda.html
Email: oidarenot@hotmail.com